Travels 2018 – Part II

August – Rasinari

August – Timisoara

August – Targu Jiu

August – Craiova

August – Ploiesti

August – Braila

August – Galati

August – Vaslui (repeat-visit and again nothing was running)

August – Botosani

August – Balti: this time with depot visit

August – Chisinau

August – Odessa: with charter of training car #3058

July – Aarhus

July – Museum Skjoldenaesholm: 40 years of operating (part II)

June – Sofia: VDVA trip including various charters

Travels 2018 – Part I

May – Museum Skjoldenaesholm: 40 years of operating

May – Aarhus: line 2 (now with passengers)

May – Ukraine: This time we were heading east towards Donbass (Донба́с; Донба́сс)

Kiev (Київ; Киев) – includes trolleybus charter with green #4040

Poltava (Полтава; Полта́ва)

Charkiw (Харків; Харьков/Charkow) – includes trolleybus charter with green #888 and tram charter with #8023

Bachmut (Бахмут) – formerly Artemivsk/Artyomovsk

Druschkiwka (Дружківка; Дружковка/Druschkowka) – includes tram charter with #084

Kramatorsk (Краматорськ; Краматорск/Kramatorsk)

Lyssytschansk (Лисичанськ; Лисичанск/Lissitschansk)

Sjewjerodonezk (Сєвєродонецьк; Северодонецк/Sewerodonezk)

Slowjansk (Слов’янськ; Славянск/Slawjansk)

Dnipro (Дніпро) formerly Dnipropetrovsk

Zaporizhzhia (Запорі́жжя; Запоро́жье) formerly Alexandrovsk

Mariupol (Маріуполь; Мариуполь) – includes tram (#554 + #719) and trolleybus (#1312) charters

Cherson (Херсон) – includes trollybus charter with #453

Mykolajiw (Миколаїв; Николаев/Nikolajew)

Odessa (Оде́са; Оде́сса) – includes trolleybus charter with #2006

April – Belgrad: VDVA trip including variopus charters

February – Bremerhaven

Travels 2017

Travels to the Ukraine (two trips this year) and the trip to the Baltics & Helsinki are documented in separate posts!

Aarhus (DK) – November

Szczecin (PL) – October

Skjoldenaesholm (DK) – October

Poznan (PL) – September

Lodz (PL) – July

Poznan (PL) – July

Prague (CZ) – January