modernised Konstal 105Na trams at Tramwaje Śląskie

Working on the photos I took during a recent visit to Katowice (and much of the rest of the network) I noticed that it is difficult to find a list of all the modernised cars currently operating there. So I made my own (originally to appear in the German language Blickpunkt Straßenbahn magazine – but as so often the space available there is rather limited): corrections/amendments always welcome!

ts790-x #790 (or what remains of the original body) currently being worked on in Chorzów Batory works

ts771 #771


ts714 #714


ts779 #779


ts699 #699

ts338 a reminder of what the original 105N cars looked like when new: restored #338 (used in regular service)

New Trams for Łódź

The first new PESA “Swing” 122NaL vehicles are now in service on line 10. Bartosz Stępień has kindly sent us a few images:

Olechów during the “premiere ride” (23.12.2015)



Wyszyńskiego loop (25.12.2015)


More vehicles will be delivered soon (22 in total have been ordered). 1578-1581 have arrived so far and the first 3 are in service.

Olsztyn Tramway First Public Rides : Travels 2015 (photo review) – Part VI

tram plakat popr

On December 6 MPK Olsztyn opened its doors to the public to show the new Kołobrzeska tramway depot (which is incorporated into the existing bus depot, though the tram entrance is in Towarowa) and the new trams. Two trams offered public rides from depot to the junction at the railway station (but not letting people on or off away from the depot). Thousands crammed onto the trams. The depot is quite a way away from the station and this event offered a rare chance to ride trams on these non-revenue tracks in Dworcowa and Towarowa streets and also take photos.

Kołobrzeska depot








Towarowa street











Dworcowa street (Bahnhofstraße)








PKP railway station stop (in plac Konstytucji 3 Maja) and adjacent terminus (Lubelska)



The original system (opened in 1907) closed in 1965. There was also a trolleybus network from 1939 to 1971. There is a nice map on showing both the new tram network and the old lines.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-11 um 11.48.23

allenstein zertifikat

"Helmuts" in Lodz (Update)

Lodz is one of my favorite travel destination these days. The “Helmut” cars (this is the local nickname for all ex West German cars that went to Poland) are of special interest to me. Unfortunately, the wounding-down of the Lodz interurban tram companies MKT and TP in 2012 resulted in the scrapping of a number of these second hand mostly Duewag built cars. Fortunately, some remain (not all in service and MPK scrapped a few recently) and here is an overview (this post originally appeared in late 2014 and has been brought up-to-date):

The cars are listed as follows (by fleet number carried):

fleet number
original operator (successive operators in brackets)
builder & date built (series)

All cars (except the ex Bielefeld M8C(N)s and works car 92002) are currently stationed at Telefoniczna (no. 1 – this number was taken over from the old Tramwajowa depot which was closed and now acts as the main workshops but is scheduled to be replaced by a new facility) tram depot and many carry a 1xxx number. The first digit of the fleet number in Lodz always donates the depot. Most of the cars taken over by MPK from MKT and TP clash with already existing Konstal cars of the same number and thus the leading digit is omitted there. The M8C cars at Chocianowice (no. 2 – originally no. 3 but re-numbered when Dabrowskiego depot closed a few years ago) also do not have the depot number as the first digit of the fleet number. All the M8C cars will be rebuilt with a low-floor centre section soon (MPK has started with the first car in 2014 – there is even talk about rebuilding the M6S cars accordingly later) and the “new” M8CN cars get a new number. Workscars have a 5 digit number and the first digit donates the depot (not all cars are numbered correctly – this unfortunately seems to be long-standing tradition in Lodz!) followed by a 2xxx number; 92xxx donates cars allocated to Tramwajowa workshops or the permanent way/workscar depot which is almost opposite of the now demolished Dabrowskiego depot). So whenever a tram is moved (allocated) from one depot to another only the first digit of the fleet number changes (this has been done a lot with the remaining Konstal cars).

81 GT8ZR
Hagen GT6ZR #69 then GT8ZR #89 (Innsbruck GT8ZR #81 with new centre section from Bielefeld GT8 #805, MKT GT8ZR #81)
Duewag 1959/60
never used by MPK and recently scrapped

86 GT8ZR
Hagen GT6ZR #64 (Innsbruck GT8ZR #86 with centre section from Bielefeld GT8 #811, MKT GT8ZR #86)
Duewag 1959/60
never used by MPK and recently scrapped

149 GT8
Ludwigshafen #149, MKT #149)
Duewag 1962-67
never used by MPK and recently scrapped

202 GT8
Freiburg #202 (MKT #202)
Duewag 1971-72
never used by MPK and recently scrapped

301 M6S
Bochum-Gelsenkirchen #301 (MKT #301)
Duewag 1976-77

302 M6S
Bochum-Gelsenkirchen #302 (MKT #302)
Duewag 1976-77

316 M6S
Bochum-Gelsenkirchen #316 (MKT #316)
Duewag 1976-77

324 M6S
Bochum-Gelsenkirchen #324 (MKT #324)
Duewag 1976-77

327 M6S
Bochum-Gelsenkirchen #327 (MKT #327)
Duewag 1976-77

328 M6S
Bochum-Gelsenkirchen #328 (MKT #328)
Duewag 1976-77

506 GT8N
Mannheim-Ludwigshafen GT6 #363 later Mannheim GT6 #363 later Mannheim GT8N #506 (MKT #506)
Duewag 1962

509 GT8N
Mannheim-Ludwigshafen GT6 #373 later Mannheim GT6 #373 later Mannheim GT8N #509 (MKT #509)
Duewag 1962

511 GT8N
Mannheim-Ludwigshafen GT6 #376 later Mannheim GT6 #376 later Mannheim GT8N #511 (MKT #511)
Duewag 1962

513 GT8N
Mannheim-Ludwigshafen GT6 #384 later Mannheim GT6 #384 later Mannheim GT8N #513 (MKT #513)
Duewag 1962

514 GT8N
Mannheim-Ludwigshafen GT6 #387 later Mannheim GT6 #387 later Mannheim GT8N #514 (MKT #514)
Duewag 1962

515 GT8N
Mannheim-Ludwigshafen GT6 #388 later Mannheim GT6 #388 later Mannheim GT8N #515 (MKT #515)
Duewag 1962

522 M8C
Bielefeld #522
Duewag 1982

523 M8C
Bielefeld #523
Duewag 1982

525 M8C
Bielefeld #525
Duewag 1982

526 M8C
Bielefeld #526
Duewag 1982

528 M8C
Bielefeld #528
Duewag 1982
currently undergoing modernisation to M8CN

529 M8C
Bielefeld #529
Duewag 1982

530 M8C
Bielefeld #530
Duewag 1983

531 M8C
Bielefeld #531
Duewag 1983

532 M8C
Bielefeld #532
Duewag 1983

533 M8C
Bielefeld #533
Duewag 1983

534 M8C
Bielefeld #534
Duewag 1983

536 M8C
Bielefeld #536
Duewag 1983

537 M8C
Bielefeld #537
Duewag 1983

1038 GT6
Bielefeld GT6 #255 later Bielefeld GT8 #805 (Innsbruck GT6 #38, MKT GT6 #38)
Duewag 1957-63

1042 GT6
Bielefeld #827
Duewag 1957-63 (MPK #4042, TP #42)
now retired and stored at Brus museum depot – sister car TP #47 scrapped

1071 GT6
Mannheim #423 (Grudziadz #71, TP #71)
Duewag 1964

1072 GT6
Mannheim #425 (Grudziadz #72, TP #72)
Duewag 1964

1074 GT6
Hagen GT6ZR #70 (Wuerzburg GT6 #270, Grudziadz GT6 #74, TP GT6 #74)
Duewag 1962
recently scrapped – sister 1075′ scrapped after accident (which happened on first day of service with MPK)

1075″ GT6
Bielefeld GT6 #243 later Bielefeld GT8 #843 later Bielefeld GT8 #813 (Innsbruck GT6 #40, MKT GT6 #40)
Duewag 1957-63
sold to scrap man by MKT but swapped with accident victim 1075′ and thus re-activated

1077 GT6ZR
Hagen #78 (Wuerzburg #278, Grudziadz #77, TP #77)
Duewag 1962/63
recently scrapped

1078 GT6ZR
Hagen #81 (Wuerzburg #281, Grudziadz #78, TP #78 but never used in service)
Duewag 1962/63
recently scrapped

1084 GT8ZR
Hagen GT6ZR #64 (Innsbruck GT8ZR #84 with centre section from Bielefeld GT8 #813, MKT GT8ZR #84)
Duewag 1959/60
first stored but now re-activated for service

1085 GT8ZR
Hagen GT6ZR #65 (Innsbruck GT8ZR #85 with centre section from Bielefeld GT8 #810, MKT GT8ZR #85)
Duewag 1959/60

1147 GT6
Ludwigshafen #147, MKT #147)
Duewag 1962-67
sister car #123 scrapped

1512 GT8N
Mannheim-Ludwigshafen GT6 #434 later Ludwigshafen GT6 #146 later Mannheim GT8N #509 later Helsinki GT8N #163
Duewag 1964

1519 GT8N
Mannheim-Ludwigshafen GT6 #366 later Ludwigshafen GT6 #146 later Mannheim GT8N #507 later Helsinki GT8N #165
Duewag 1962

1521 GT8N
Mannheim GT6 #429 later Mannheim GT8N #519 later Helsinki GT8N #162
Duewag 1964
most recent addition to the fleet1521 wlokn

1522 GT8N
Mannheim GT6 #354 later Mannheim GT8N #503 later Helsinki GT8N #164
Duewag 1962
most recent addition to the fleet
1522 czment2499 M8CN ex 521 M8C

Bielefeld #521
Duewag 1982
rebuilt by MPK
2499 czerwona

92002 GT6ZR “works car”
Bielefeld #509 (rebuilt in Bielefeld with front ends of GT6 #830 and #839)
Duewag 1960

Re-Opening of “Trasa W-Z” in Lodz : Travels 2015 (photo review) – Part V

On October 31st the important East-West route was re-opened after two years of complete rebuilding. In the East the line was also extended (to Olechow). MPK celebrated this event with a display of some trams (including many of the historic fleet) on the Friday (30th) and free rides on Saturday/Sunday (without any historic trams). During the first days there were various problems mainly with pantographs getting wrecked by the new overhead wires but also with the power supply. A big feature of the line is a grand new central interchange near Piotrkowska with a very colourful roof. Line 10 runs along the whole length of the W-Z route. All lines going south now use new track in Piotrkowska (this short stretch had been abandoned in the 1950s) with the old way via Zwirki (avoiding the new hub) being kept for emergencies.

1206 wysz

1264 dell

1354 centrum

1448 centrum

1606 olechow

1708 kaliska

1816 wysz

1830 hetm


2339 centrum

Konstal #2339 has just wrecked its pantograph entering the central interchange and runs into the station using the pantograph of the second car:

2339 centrum 3
Cityrunner #1203 sits (minus pantograph) in the new much smaller Bratislawska loop waiting to be pulled back to depot:

1203 bratysl

Paweł Kaźmierczak took the following images on the Friday:

Lodz – Brus museum depot

At the end of April 2013 the tram club KMST (Klub Miłośników Starych Tramwajów) moved the historic cars from the closed ex MKT depot at Helenowek to the ex TP depot at Brus. Brus is now owned by the city of Lodz and there are hopes to re-open Brus as a proper transport museum in the future. Brus is now open the public on certain open days during the year.

The following cars (listed by type) are now housed at Brus:


2N1 workscar 108 (owned by Jerzy Wojtowicz) ex MKT108 ex MPK92026 ex MPK2026 ex MPK218

2N1 workscar (training car) 1234 ex MPK234 (owned by MPK)

2N1 work cars 3088 (owned by Tomasz Adamkiewicz) ex MPK

2N2 workscars 101 (owned by City of Lodz) ex TP101 ex MPK92030 ex MPK2030 ex MPK112

2N2 workscar 92031 (owned by KMST) ex MPK

5N workscar 103 (owned by City of Lodz) ex TP103 ex MPK92001 ex MPK2001 ex MPK330 ex MPK50

5N workscar 109 (owned by KMST) ex MKT ex MPK2008 ex MPK33

5N motor 100 (owned by City of Lodz) ex MPK – currently under reconstruction

5N motor 154 (owned by Tomasz Adamkiewicz ex MPK Bydgoszcz 154 ex 448 ex 24) – licensed

5N1 motor 4-092 (owned by MPK) ex MPK12092 ex MPK4-092 ex MPK4-047 ex MPK47 ex Bielsko-Biala 35 – currently under reconstruction

5ND1 trailer 702 (owned by Tomasz Adamkiewicz) ex MPK

803N motor 2 (owned by KMST) ex TP2 ex MPK4-191 ex MPK5-191 ex MPK5-947 ex MPK947 – should be licensed shortly

803N(modernised) motor 37 (owned by KMST) ex MKT37 ex MKT42 ex MPK5-172 ex MPK5-925 ex MPK925

Belgijska (Metallurgiques 1910) trailer 371 (owned by KMST) – body only
(1) 171-110-000336-01

Duewag GT6 motor 1042 (owned by MPK)

Herbrand VNB-125 motor 11 (owned by KMST) – body only
(1) 171-110-000011-03

Herbrand motor 336 (owned by KMST) – body only
(1) 171-110-000371-01

Sanok motor 17 (owned by Tomasz Adamkiewicz) – licensed

Four axle flat wagon 38 (owned by MPK)

J. John Two axle freight wagon “50 (from series 39-42!)” (owned by MPK)

J. John Two axle freight wagon “no. unknown (from series 39-42)” (owned by Tomasz Adamkiewicz)

Two axle freight wagon 48 (owned by MPK)

not expected at Brus soon (maybe in the future?)

2N workscar 105 (owned by City of Lodz) ex MKT ex MPK52105 ex MPK2105 – (stored at Helenowk and future unsecure)

5N1 motor 337 (MPK owned) ex MPK100 ex MPK337 – licensed (housed at Chocianowice)
(1) 20130324 131103a

5ND trailer 644 (MPK owned) ex MPK504 ex MPK664 – licensed (housed at Chocianowice)

803N motor 21 (owned by City of Lodz) ex MKT21 ex MPK5-959 ex MPK1-959 ex MPK6-959 ex MPK959 – no motors (stored at Helenowek and future unsecure)
(1) 2012-03-30-17-33-41-IMG_1377

Herbrand GE-58/U-107c motor 71 (MPK owned) – licensed (housed at Tramwajowa)

Lilpop II motor 48 (MPK owned) – (housed at Tramwajowa)

Lilpop III motor 153 (MPK owned) – currently under reconstruction (housed at Tramwajowa)

Lilpop III motor 158 (MPK owned) – (housed at Tramwajowa)
0158 2013-12-15-09-38-46-IMG_0353

not part of the active museum fleet is this tram that was overhauled at Telefoniczna and later Brus but is now on display in Konstantynow Lodzkie

2N2 282 (City of Konstantynow owned) ex MPK72012 ex MPK2012 ex MPK282

Łódź Interurban Tramways – Part II (The Fleet) – updated JUN-2014

This original posting from 2012 has been updated with a current fleet list (June 2014) only:

(Photo: Pawel Kazmierczak)

Much has happened in Lodz in 2012. We now only have one operator (MPK) and much of the interurban rolling stock has been scrapped. MPK absorbed parts of the MKT and TP fleets (those vehicles not taken over were scrapped or are still in the process of being scrapped – no workscars were taken over but so far all of them survive at Brus and Helenowek depots).

Here you will find the fleet list.

What we have not yet included are the passenger tram carbodies owned by the tram club which still are stored in the open at Helenowek depot. MPK also uses some ex 1950/60s Konstal chassis to transport modern bogies (no details known). Also a couple of ancient 4-wheel freight cars survive at Brus, Helenowek and Chocianowice depots plus a 8-wheel flat waggon at Chocianowice (no fleet numbers known). It is hoped that most if not all will eventually move to the new Brus transport museum which is supposed to be set-up later this year. As we write this Brus depot is closed and almost empty (except for 2 workscars and some equipment owned by the tram club). At Helenowek the scrapping of cars continues. We hear that MPK will now not take over Helenowek depot (which is owned by Lodz city)! Tram club owned no.2 (ex TP) is currently at Helenowek plus some privately owned cars (see list). No. 2 is supposed to move to Chocianowice depot next but eventually will go to the transport museum in Brus. Some of the ex German cars at Telefoniczna are now stored on the grass (i.e. off the track) because of acute shortage of space.

Fleet numbers explained:

The regular fleet has always been issued with a 3 digit car number (e.g. 001-999). In 1985 (except for the historic cars and the ex MKT cars where the lease has been taken over = ex Mannheim and ex BOGESTRA cars) a fourth digit was added to the front of the number denoting the depot:

1 = originally Tramwajowa (until 1986 or 87), now Telefoniczna
2 = originally Dąbrowskiego (until 2011), now Chocianowice
3 = previously used for Chocianowice
4 = Brus (no. dropped when taken over by TP)
5 = Helenowek (no. dropped when taken over by MKT)
6 = Telefoniczna (1986-87 only)

To make things more complicated, most workscars were renumbered (in the 1970s) into the 2000 series (but allocated to any depot) and these cars later (in the 1980s) received another prefix:

1-3 = depots as above
7 = training cars (prefix no longer in use for them today), also some workscars at Tramwajowa carried this prefix
9 = general workscar prefix (permanent way division “Zakład Torów i Sieci” – but cars can be found at all depots and not just the ZTiS yard opposite old Dąbrowskiego depot).

So far we have not seen if the following cars have been renumbered:
32036, 32102, 32106 and 72012.

805N/Na modernisation explained:

On Wikipedia you find various articles (some only in Polish) that deal with the different versions of these Konstal trams. The original cars (this includes the standard gauge 105N/Na cars) were technically very similar to the Warsaw 13N type which itself was more-or-less a blatant copy of a CKD Tatra T1 car (Warsaw had bought two of those). The T1 is of course based on an American classic: the PCC car. So many of the 105/805 cars still around in Poland today with their original foot controls are really PCC cars. Some cars have been rebuilt with more modern control equipment and starting in 2004 many (let’s concentrate on the 805s here) trams were thoroughly modernised. MPK Lodz has done a lot of their cars and they also did modernisations for other systems: Gdansk, Silesia and Torun. Here is a list of the 805Na ND cars rebuilt in Lodz (only the MPK Lodz fleet is mentioned). Note that during 2005 they left out the cabs in the second trams of the sets (without a cab they are called 805NaD/2). Four sets received different control equipment and are called 805N-Enika (the last two sets now feature a new door layout in the middle giving more space on board: one double door instead of two double doors). It has to be mentioned that MPK Lodz does not (or at least not always) modernise the trams in the original order. A tram going in for modernisation usually comes out bearing a different fleet number! We are not aware of any official re-numbering lists. Sometimes motormen go out in the yard to pick up their tram for the day and they find two sets with the same numbers (the original set and a modernised set bearing the same fleet numbers – the old set will of course soon depart for the Tramwajowa works)…

There are also the following cars in the fleet today with different control equipment in the fleet (one could call them “sort of modernised” – only the bodywork has not been updated):

805N-ML 264+5, 266+7, 620+1, 936+7
805N Elin 335+6, 368+9, 908+9, 914+5, 916+7, 930+1, 932+3, 934+5, 938+9

We are still working on a list of the surviving non-modernised cars.

Lodz – M8C private hire


On May 17th we chartered ex Bielefeld M8C #526 from MPK to go on the outer ends of interurban lines 41, ex 43bis (now 9) and 45 (now 16). The day started very wet but the time we reached Konstantynow the sun came out. Here are some images taken during the trip:

Chochianowice depot

41 – Pabianice

41 – Pabianice loop

41 – Pabianice

41 – Pabianice

41 – Pabianice

41 – passing Duzy Skret loop

41 – Ksawerow

43bis – Konstantynow


43bis – Konstantynow

43bis – Konstantynow

43bis – Konstantynow

43bis – Brus

43bis – Brus

46 – Zdrowie loop

43bis – Freedom Square

43bis – ulica Legionow

45 – Zgierz

45 – Zgierz

45 – Zgierz

45 – Zgierz loop

46 – aleja Politechniki

46 – szpital im. WAM

46 – ulica Kopernika

45 – Helenowek

45 – Baluty

Workscars in Lodz

In this article we are presenting a current overview of the lodz workscar fleet. On overview (with more details) can also be found in our current fleet list (updated for January 2014) which can be downloaded here – this list includes the whole fleet, not just the workscars.

The cars are shown here in numerical order using their original 2XXX MPK workscars numbers

fleet number (operator), owner

103 (TP) City of Lodz originaly 2001

92002 MPK

92003 MPK
(1) 171-110-092003-04

92004 MPK
(1) 171-110-092004-01

109 (MKT) KMST originaly 2008

12011 MPK

92013 MPK
(1) 171-110-092013-02

92025 MPK
(1) 171-110-092025-01

108 (MKT) privately owned (KMST member) originaly 2026

92027 MPK
(1) 171-110-092027-01

101 (TP) City of Lodz originaly 2030

92031 (MPK) KMST

92032 MPK
(1) 171-110-092032-01

92033 MPK
(1) 171-110-092033-02

92034 MPK
(1) 171-110-092034-01

12035 MPK

2036 MPK

92037 MPK
(1) 171-110-092037-01

2044 MPK
(1) 171-110-002044-03

12050 MPK

92096 MPK
(1) 171-110-092096-02

22101 MPK
(1) 171-110-022101-02

32102 MPK

22103 MPK
(1) 171-110-022103-03

105 (MKT) City of Lodz originaly 2105
(1) 171-110-000105-04

22106 MPK

12107 MPK

– (not numbered) MPK