Noleggio con Ventotto a Milano

Recently I uploaded a selection of photos to Facebook I took on various charters (as the Americans call those private hires) that I attended or organised (often for a gang of friends from Cincinnati). I know not everybody is on Facebook … so here are the photos. If you want to see more photos from Milano try this Facebook group run by Peter Ehrlich (he organised the early trips and attended many of the ones I ran when I took over from him). My photos were uploaded to his group page. A very small number of the images shown below are also included in our travels reports.

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2004 – we used Ventotto 1503

I seem to have used some cheap slide film (unfortunately, there is a yellow tint visible and it was a very cloudy day). We also used “PCC” 5137 but I have not scanned those slides yet.

2005 – we used “replica Edison” 609

2006 – we used workscar 701

2007 – we used Ventotto 1966 (which still had a trolley pole then – but it was firmly tied down)

2007 – we had another charter that year using Vents 1503 and 1730 plus 609 and 701

2008 – we used Ventotto 1723 (I have also included some photos taken on our interurban travels posted to another Facebook group)

2009 – we used Ventotto 1757 – one of the first regular cars that got repainted into the white & yellow livery (I have also included some photos taken on our interurban travels posted to another Facebook group)

2010 – we used Ventotto 1503 plus 609 and 701 plus trolleybus 548 (I have also included some photos taken on our interurban travels posted to another Facebook group)

Cairo Update (Spring 2014)

M. Farid has sent us the following update:

The line beyond Almaza depot has gone, as has the outer end of the Nozha/Sheraton line. The old line to Nasr City (branching off at Kolit Al Banat) that had been closed some years ago is now completely gone. As reported in our earlier updates the green interurban line to Abdou Al Aziz Fahmy goes actally beyond this old terminus to Alf Maskan Sq. (but keeps the old name). The red Nozha line now terminates at Al Kolia/Al Harbia. Here is a current map (with the Sawwah depot connection added):


On the 3 non-interurban routes (only 4xxx and 60xx city cars are used) the following route numbers are in use:

  • 5 Mataria – Ismalia
  • 35 Mataria – Almaza (this used to be 36 – some 36 signs still used)
  • It is not yet known if the Almaza – Alf Maskan line also carries a route number (the connecting tracks between the red and green lines had not seen service for a number of years)

A view of the old Nasr City line:


On the three interurban routes no trailers remain in service. Some 60xx city cars are still used. Here are some photos from 2013 and 2014 showing all lines:

Videos (Photo Gallery) of the Milano Interurbans

Some of our photos are available on Youtube as a Photo Gallery video. Check it out:

video 1

video 2

video 3 (not our photos but still a very nice selection of black & white images)

7500/7600 Sirio

We’ve had various requests for details about the new short Siro trams (7500 and 7600 class) now running in Milano. The biggest mystery seems to be the actual length of the cars and if they all have doors in the end section or not. Alessio Pedretti has the following anwers for us:

Sirio 7500 (7501-7510)
25m long without door in end segment (but 7510 converted to 26.5m with door and 7506 under rebuild)
Sirio 7500 (7510-7535)
26.5m long with door in end section

already in yellow livery: (7510-7517, 7520-7524, 7526, 7529-31, 7534, 7535)

Sirio 7600 (7601-7633)
26.5m long with door in end section (7631 arrived just before christmas 2009 = 2 last ones still to be delivered)

only 7601-7628 in regular service so far

already in yellow livery: 7601-10, 7612-21, 7624-28

17 more Canaries

ATM is going to modernise at least 17 stored Peter Witts. They have been stored for a number of years at Famagosta metro depot. Many of them have already been transferred by road to Precotto tram depot before heading towards Teodosio workshops. It is very likely that when finished they will also carry the new (old) yellow livery. Good news indeed!

The following cars have been selected:

1557, 1561, 1566, 1575, 1590, 1694, 1724, 1759, 1804, 1812, 1826, 1854, 1890, 1908, 1923, 1929, 1986.

Some cars (in bad state or non-refurbished) may be sold or scrapped, though:

1508, 1541, 1592, 1631, 1819, 1846, 1857, 1867, 1921 (recently repainted in new yellow livery but wrecked in an accident on 6-JAN-2009), 1927 (non-revisione Scuolaintram), 1930, 1966 (non-revisione also fitted with trolleypole, 1989, 1997.

We used 1966 on a private charter in 2006:


2009 fleet details

The following list shows the allocation of tramway types to the individual routes:

  • 1928 (Ventotto)
    • route 1 = 9 from Leoncavallo + 11 from Messina

      route 5 = 9 from Messina (plus 8 cars 1928 bzw. 4700 from Leoncavallo)

      route 9 = 7 from Messina (plus 8 cars 1928 bzw. 4600/4700 from Baggio)

      route 19 = 15 from Messina

      route 23 = 12 from Leoncavallo

      routes 29/30 = 21 from Messina (plus 9 cars 1928 bzw. 4600/4700 from Baggio)

      route 33 = 18 from Leoncavallo

  • 1928 (Ventotto) mixed with other cars

    • route 2 = 11 1928/4600/4700 from Baggio + 7 1928/4700 from Messina

      route 7 = 17 1928/4800/7500/7600 from Messina + 6 7500 from Precotto

  • other types
    • route 3 = 12 4900 from Baggio + 8 4800/4900/7500/7600 from Messina

      route 4 = 17 7100 from Precotto

      route 12 = 8 4700/4900 from Leoncavallo + 13 4800/4900 Messina

      route 14 = 15 7500/7600 from Messina + 12 4900 from Ticinese

      route 15 = 21 4900/7000 from Ticinese

      route 16 = 12 4600/4700/4900 from Baggio + 5 4900 from Ticinese

      route 24 = 14 4900 from Ticinese

      route 27 = 7 4600/4700/4900 from Baggio + 14 4700/4900 from Leoncavallo

      new route 31 = 22 7100 from Precotto

Baggio has 59 trams allocated to service, Leoncavallo 76, Messina 116, Precotto 45 and Ticinese has 52. Total = 348 cars.

more impressions from Roma

Trolleybus 8515 (line 90) at the outer terminus at largo Labia.

When we visited the Roma – Pantano interurban earlier this month (see further below) we did also spend some time riding the other tram lines in Roma. I must say, I’m still a little confused about the ownership of the trams and buses. Yes, the Pantano line, the metro and the other non-state railway (FS or TrenItalia as they call themselves these days) electric railways (Roma – Viterbo and Roma – Lido) are owned and operated by Metropolitana di Roma s.p.a. using the Met.Ro name (this company was of course called Cotral until a few years ago, and before that ACoTral when they absorbed the old STEFER network lines).

ATAC has been the tram and bus operator in the city of Roma for as long as I can remember. Only now, ATAC is rather more like a transit authority responsible for timetables and tickets etc. The buses and trams have been moved to a new company called Trambus S.p.A.

I only witnessed this new name on a service van seen at Grotte Celoni and the articulated restaurant tram carried this name (but it also said ATAC underneath). The buses (all the new ones seem to be in silver with a red stripe, the previous deliveries are all two-tone green like most of the trams – few trams in orange survive and only some buses with the “alibi” orange stripe on the front) and trams only have stickers for ATAC.

I assume that ATAC is the holding company of Trambus and they also seem to have taken over Met.Ro (their fairly new Met.Ro logo is already being replaced by a new red logo (I call it “half an arrow”) which can be seen on all three websites mentioned above and many of the new silver buses plus some of the Pantano line cars). Maybe we will see the new name on the trams and buses eventually. Enough of the confusion – let’s have some tram pics (all taken on July 5th or 6th)…

Restaurant car 7021 at piazzale di Porta Maggiore.

Historic MRS car 2137 with the rest of the birthday party (same location).

7013 (line 5) at piazza dei Gerani terminus.

9107 is pulling out onto line 8 and was caught in via Porta Maggiore/piazzale di Porta Maggiore.

9247 on line 8 approaching the terminus at Circonvallazione Gianicolense/via del Casaletto.

9001 at the line 3 terminal loop in piazza Thorwaldsen. During the week this line is all bus (weekends see trams from here to piazzale di Porta Maggiore – the rest of the line is always bus operated at this time because of metro works). The following image shows bus 4353 at P.ta Maggiore.


We had no time for the Roma – Lido railway but a few minutes were spent at the Roma Flaminio terminus of the Met.Ro Roma – Viterbo railway (Roma Nord). One can only take photos here when no security people are visible. This is EMU 110 (leading car 109).

50 Canaries plus 2

1564 in via Cantu

ATM has repainted the following 50 Ventotto cars into white & yellow (livrea biancogialla – or “canarine”). The cars are usually on line 1 but as you can see in the photos (all taken by Alessio Pedretti at the end of June 2008) they also stray onto the other Ventotto operated lines.


Of course there is also one more canary car – this is the historic 1503. And 1911 runs in San Francisco (renumbered 1811)!

1813 in piazza Cordusio

1872 in via Broletto

1803 in viale Tunisia

(updated FEB 2009)