Kolkata 1926 – “Spurensuche “

“Spurensuche” is a German word I can not easily translate into English. “Search for traces” comes close but sounds very technical. “Spurensuche” is actually something I intend to do on my next visit to Kolkata – look for traces of the old tramlines (mainly in Howrah). Hopefully I’ll have more time for things like this. To help me prepare this I recently purchased a superb map of 1926 Calcutta. It was published under the direction of Colonel C. P. Gunter, O.B.E., R.E., Officiating Surveyor General of India. It is in very good shape and carries very few hand added markings like new or planned streets. On the back it is stamped “DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF POLICE – 19 JUL 1927”.

Index of Localities

I will show you scans of each of the map segments starting with those that show the tramlines. It is amazing how little the tram network has developed (some lines have since gone of course) but the city has changed quite dramatically since those days. The Howrah bridge wasn’t built until 1943 (now called the Rabindra Setu – the new name not much used by the locals, though).


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