Kolkata Fleet – Update (2013)

In 2013 CTC introduced the first of the new “single bogey (or coach)” (they of course mean bogie tram or 4 axle tram – as opposed to regular articulated bogie 6 axle tram they usually use) trams. The body is longer than those found on the other trams.

No. 630A was probably rebuilt from original car 630 from this series (like all recent rebuilds using the electrical and mechanical parts of the donor tram and simply putting a new fibre-glass body on it):

600-659 (JM6s) “N” Burn & Co.1982-83 (trucks and electrical equipment ex “J/K/L@”)
@ 1 car ex “J”, 35 cars ex “K” and 24 cars ex “L” (all re-numbered into this series)

Here is a video of it we found on Youtube:

And these interesting articles about this new class of tram:



A second car numbered 603B (with a slightly different body) has now appeared and this one is airconditioned: