7500/7600 Sirio

We’ve had various requests for details about the new short Siro trams (7500 and 7600 class) now running in Milano. The biggest mystery seems to be the actual length of the cars and if they all have doors in the end section or not. Alessio Pedretti has the following anwers for us:

Sirio 7500 (7501-7510)
25m long without door in end segment (but 7510 converted to 26.5m with door and 7506 under rebuild)
Sirio 7500 (7510-7535)
26.5m long with door in end section

already in yellow livery: (7510-7517, 7520-7524, 7526, 7529-31, 7534, 7535)

Sirio 7600 (7601-7633)
26.5m long with door in end section (7631 arrived just before christmas 2009 = 2 last ones still to be delivered)

only 7601-7628 in regular service so far

already in yellow livery: 7601-10, 7612-21, 7624-28

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